Bigg Boss 11 8th October 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 11 8th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Dimpy says I wore underpants, in any case, he was looking breaking remedial office, I was irate to the point that I expected to hurl Lucinda at him, all laugh. Dimpy says would I have the capacity to break my snappy? he isn't seen wherever so I will take you as the moon. Salman says confirm. She does pooja and demands that Salman break her fast, he impacts her drink to water, she says come all over to me, Bigg director got a sweet mate, I believe you get one too, she gets out. Salman says what did she say? uff… 

Salman says there was a film which had many shrieks and now the fourth bit of Golmaal is turning out. Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty proceed to arrange. They grasp Salman. Salman says what number of parts will you make? ajay says if this works out then next will turn out, Salman says it will. Salman says I have to ask whats unmistakable in this movie? Rohit says this is the evil parody. Salman says how astounding. Salman salute Rohit for Kahtron Ke Khiladi accomplishment. Rohit says would it be a smart thought for us to do a trap here? Salman says little trap in this much money, all laugh. Rohit says Ajay will wear headphones, Salman will state something and Ajay need to get it. Ajay wears headphones, music is playing. Rohit gives him words to state. Salman is lisping word'on events'. Ajay tries to get it however cant. Next is Salman, he wears headphones. Ajay says words, Salman deduces them right that is bhaago bhoot aya. Ajay takes headphones yet again, Salman says London dreams, Ajay hits the nail on the head. Salman wears headphones, Ajay says pappad biology. Salman tries to get it and says, Papi? he hits the nail on the head. Rohit says Salman won and he will get Oppo phone. Salman says I starting at now have one. Rohit says Ajay will get selfie figuratively speaking. They all take the selfie together. Salman asks in the matter of whether their gathering is in the house? they say yes. Salman says let's see what they are doing. 

In the house, Bigg chief says we have given an errand to detainees, a couple of individuals will come in the house yet prisoners need to not react to them and keep acting like they are not affected. Golmaal aggregately comes in the house. They impact cunning appearances however prisoners to attempt to not react. Shreyas Talpade says to Vikas that your buddy is starting at now out of the house so keep your hands in control, he ties his hands. Parineeti Chopra says to Arshi that I have brought mouthwash for you, its sweet. Tusshar asks for that Benafsha wake up, she tries to disregard him. Undertaking closes. All hail. Parineeti meets everyone, they all move together. Parineeti says we couldn't impact you to smile, extraordinary employment, they go out. 

Before a group of people, Golmaal link auto enters organize. Parineeti, Tusshar, Kunal, and Tabu proceed arrange. Kunal says it was my first time in the house. Shreyas Talpade says earnestly all lovely, unadulterated not in the house, all laugh. Parineeti says they are mental too, this is the crazy house. Salman says Paris is the fan of the house. Pari says its difficult to live in the house. Ajay says we require you to go in the house so we have quietness. Salman says Tabu can live in the house, she says no possibility. Salman says you people need to name on cut from the house. Salman shows the catch of Hina resting and a short time later her fight Arshi. Parineeti names that Hina needs to rest in cooler, however, Arshi got the chance to rest inside so now I have to use the pump, all snicker. Hiten and Arshi's dialog in the kitchen is showed up. Tusshar names that Hiten says it was Hina's day to rest in cooler and you took it, Tabu names Arshi's words that I can do anything, I can wear nightie whole day, my work is to remain behind Hina. Kunal names Aakash's rap impact in the girly voice. Salman commends their name and says so much capacity. Salman says this present movie's holding is starting at now on so watch Golmaal. He thanks amass for coming, they invite him and takes off.

Bigg Boss 11 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 11 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shilpa, Aakash, and Zubair in Jail 

In Friday ka faisla take note. Shweta says welcome, we will talk about what happened seven days prior, I have Malishka and Pritam Singh with me. We are here to examine week, she says to Malishka and Prithim that there are two neighbors. Pritam says neighbors work to disturb houses. Malishka says its awesome season, I like the errands given to neighbors. Shweta says allows seeing what neighbors to can do. 

Catch plays in which Hina acknowledges Luv's call, Luv asks when she can send support? Hina says you keep asking for support, come and meet us. Luv calling Hina to state chipper birthday plays also. Neighbors asking for sustenance, again and again, is showing up. Arshi berating neighbors is showed up, Arshi saying to Luv that they won't get tea now. 

necessities to play and say things. Shweta says he was sensitive on Hina, he saved Hina from assignments. Malishka says I have to see Mehjabi playing, she couldn't use her quality, there is presently such an awesome measure of proceeding in-house. Shweta asks who is the most strong character? Pritam says Zubair. Malishka says, Shilpa. Shweta asks who is weakest? Pritam says Aakash. Malishka says, Jyoti. Shweta asks who is playing most? they both say Arshi. Shweta asks who is concealing in shadows? Malishka says Hiten. Pritam says so much is going on that he can't state anything. Shweta says such an extraordinary measure of authoritative issues in the start? Pritam says they are playing T20. Malishka says Sapna was going up against Jyoti anyway she is herself 21years old. Shweta says Sapna's lines were extraordinary. 

In the house, Aakash says to the camera that I require Jyoti. Jyoti asks what are you saying? Shilpa says Jyoti Dadlani will sound extraordinary. Jyoti says no I have to twist up Jyoti Singh or Chauhan, this is the capable association. Puneesh says its sorted out marriage. Shilpa says he is NRI. Jyoti says to speak with my kin concerning marriage, Vikas is my kin. They all come to Vikas. Aakash says to Hiten that I require Jyoti. Jyoti says I won't marry a trap, all laugh. 

Bandagi says to Puneesh that all have eyes on you, you are the unsafe individual, she requests him to be alert from Zubair. Puneesh says all say that don't trust in Bandagi, Bandagi says they essentially strife with me, we have to exhibit security. Puneesh says we don't have some other thing. Puneesh says we will show that we are captivated by each other. Bandagi says we will be mindful of my people at the survey. Puneesh says we have to play redirection. 

Sabyasachi says to Lucinda that I joke anyway I am exceptional about my associations, he says to Luv that I was charmed by a straight man for quite a while and was misused, he used to hurl me out of house yet I would consider what he would eat, that is me, I revered and he took his disappointment on me, I advanced toward getting to be doormat. Luv scrunch up his face. 

In the declaration, Shweta asks their 5 most adored challengers. Pritam and Malishka say its Zubair, Hina, Arshi, Vikas. Shweta asks with reference to why Arshi? Malishka says she does what she says, she said she will put fire between people, she is connecting with and has her dress. Pritam says I don't like Arshi, in case some individual is continually punching then its difficult to manage it any way she is playing mind-boggling. Malishka says she is hit also, there is an extensive measure of tormenting too. Shweta says what with respect to Hina? Malishka says they, by and large, put a gallant lady, she has diverged from Gauhar yet she had a lot of comprehension than Hina. Hina and Hiten were respected however when she had fit on Shilpa not having the ability to examine endeavors, it was frightful for her photo.

Pritam says Shilpa should have let her read. Shweta says Hina had some feeling of self that she can read English. Malishka says she could have pushed toward getting to be the noticeably valiant lady anyway she didn't. Shweta says what with respect to Zubair? Pritam says he talked with respect to his kids, I figured he would bring energetic factor anyway he was totally opposite. Shweta says he chide and undermine too. Shweta says people are not boycotting him. Malishka says Vikas is panicked that Zubair has the relationship in TV world, people are moreover unnerved of Shivani. Shweta says Zubair's shenanigans exhibits that he needs though. Malishka says Hina can calm down him.Shweta says people are asserting Arshi also. Fasten plays which exhibits Arshi saying that I like acting rashly, her playing with men are showed up, she plays with Puneesh and says I make roties by showing my s*xy twists. She asks Priyank what he needs on toast? he asks for that what she needs give? she is a bother what he needs? Zubair says this young woman needs to hoodwink everyone. 

Malishka says Arshi does what she needs, the way Zubair talks about women, he pointed at her character yet Zubair is still called Zubair bhai, she isn't striking if she approves of herself. Shweta says let's see whats proceeding in-house. 

Hina is bantering with others. Arshi says this woman is ******, she is Zubair's ******. Hina says the way Salman hurled Priyanka, she will be hurled that way, I will guarantee she goes out if she crosses line fresh. Hina says you pushed me afresh, if you touch me again then I won't spare you, you can state anything in light of the way that your character is disgraceful, don't touch me yet again. Arshi says to talk with respect to my character. Aakash says people talk with respect to God in the morning and Arshi curses. Vikas comes to Arshi and says you said she is Zubair's ****? she says yes. Vikas says then whats the differentiation among you and Zubair? don't go to that level. Arshi asks for that he remain away in case he needs his respect set up. Arshi says Hina was hurled out of the show following 8 years of being the mother. Hina says it was defended, in spite of all the inconvenience. Arshi says there are various performing specialists and don't have an internal identity like you. Hina says I am legitimized, in spite of all the inconvenience.

Jyoti jokes with Vikas and Hina that Arshi completes things in a charming way like this. Arshi says don't mimic me else I will curse, come here. Sapna asks for that her relinquish her. Jyoti goes to her and asks what? Arshi says why you are imitating me? who are you? Jyoti says all do it. Shilpa asks for that Arhi relinquish it, Arshi says you talk to me. Jyoti says all exhibit you Arshi, you have no standard. She duplicates Arshi. All hoot for Jyoti going up against Arshi. Arshi says she will get beaten. Jyoti says beat me. Shivani asks her to not use viciousness, don't touch, Jyoti. Arshi says I will beat her in case she duplicates me. Arshi says relinquish it. Hina giggles. Arshi says thin Dolly Bindra is chuckling. 

Insee, Shweta asks Malishka what she would state? Malishka says she is locked in. Pritam says she is dismissing a woman. Malishka says its a troubling meager. Shweta says even Shilpa and Hina unite against different women. Malishka says we will see their tints soon. 

In the house, Vikas is in the kitchen drinking tea, Shilpa places something in his tea.Vikas says to Hiten that she is doing foul things, she is so dirty, I am incapacitated and she did this, what will I do? I will hurl tea on her pieces of clothing now. Vikas goes in adapt zone and hurls tea on her articles of clothing, Vikas says this happens when they force people. Vikas comes to Shilpa and says I hurled tea on your pieces of clothing now. Shilpa comes to check her articles of clothing and says I will make his life miserable now. She washes her pieces of clothing. Shilpa says to Hiten that I got a kick out of destroying his tea, it was fun, I will make him angrier. Hiten smiles. 

Shilpa is in the adapt room. Vikas comes there. Aakash is rapping with Shilpa and Arshi. Shilpa falls on Vikas' apparatus. Vikas says you would have hurt me. He hurls Shilpa's stuff and says she is an upset woman. Puneesh asks for that he calm down. Shilpa says I am the frenzied woman, he hurt me. Vikas says she tries to hurt my foot. Arshi asks for that Shilpa calm down. Vikas says you require me to tell about your respect? Shilpa says you are doing this with a young woman? 

Aakash uncovers to Bandagi that Vikas was ambushing Shilpa. 

Benafsha comes to Vikas and says you hurled tea on my pieces of clothing. Vikas says I didn't do it. Benafsha says I feeling repulsive now, you both have the fight, however, don't put people in this. Vikas says, Shilpa, you really know how to play a diversion, you did this to her articles of clothing. Benafsha says don't put me in this, I will lose my crap. 

Shilpa says to Arashi that when I was doing a show, they did my MMS with a young woman who was my support in show up, by then I turned out to be more familiar with that she is from hindi porn. 

Vikas says to Hina that I know Shilpa's advantaged bits of knowledge anyway I dont need to tell it, I exhorted her to not compel me to state it, its about her marriage and there is one noteworthy deed which I dont need to examine. Sapna says when I asked her with respect to wedding yet she said she doesnt do grimy things. Vikas says she was concerning get hitched, she has done various soiled deeds. 

Shilpa says to Arshi that not react. Arshi says basically stay quiet. shilpa says I wont bring out substances. 

In discharge with Prithim, Shweta and Malishka says this is one way to deal with fight, they have separated house. Prithim says it happens, in my season, it happened with Gautam when he as cornered and social affairs were surrounded yet some person needs to take stand, Arshi is reacting to Vikas. Shweta asks with reference to whether Shilpa can play Gautam's card? 

Prithim says she was addressing women and could have said she was being tormented on show up yet she started reacting to Vikas. Shweta says she exhibited it from her thinking, she said that she should have come like a customary individual, she said that people know Vikas by virtue of her. Prithim says now redirection will start in house, establishment doesnt change. Shweta says we are concerning discourse related to that bit of show for which we are doing this, detainees will pick who will go in jail now. 

Bigg director says to prisoners that today new bit of house will be used, its underground restorative office. Neighbors hear it too. Bigg director says we require all detainees to pick who three will be sent to detain for teach. Hina says for which thing they should be rebuked? Bigg administrator says talk in regards to and say three names. Aakash says there are various mosquitoes there so wear socks, all chuckle. 

In declaration, Shweta asks who is the heretic that should be sent to detain this week? Prithim says Zubair, Shilpa and Vikas should go to detain. Malishka says Arshi, Zubair and Priyank. Shweta asks with reference to why Shilpa? Prithim says let Vikas and Shilpa light up in jail. Shweta says what with respect to Zubair? Prithim says by virtue of his judgments. 

In house, Hina says I require Arshi, Zubair and Aakash. Zubair says me too.Sapna says me too. Puneesh says Shilpa due to not doing errand. Zubair says Shilpa didnt even undertaking to play errand. Hina asks Jyoti her names, she takes Zubair, Arshi and Shilpa's names. They all vote out and look at. Puneesh says I vote against Zubair. Arshi says to camera that they all are disappointments, washouts. Shilpa laughs and says I knew with respect to it. Jyoti says I have issue with Zubair saying curses. Shilpa takes Hina, Vikas and Hiten's name to go to detain. Aakash, Arshi and Shilpa move around and says we like the restorative office.. 

Bigg administrator asks whose names they have to accommodate send to detain? Hiten says we have talked in regards to and picked that three names going to detain are Aakash, Shilpa and Arshi, them three snicker. Bigg chief says you people have told your decision however neighbors havent picked yet. 

In discharge, Shweta says I didnt figure they would go to detain, be that as it may they are happy, people like them who are lively to be sidelined will go for long? Prithim says it will overflow with incitement. Shweta says why didnt take Zubair's name in decisive once-over? Prithim says its dazzling, people are panicked of Zubair, Malishka says its with respect to overwhelming part winning. Shweta says there is bend with neighbors in scene. 

Bigg manager calls neighbors and says detainees have pick three names to send to detain, you have to give one name that will supplant one name given by prisoners and other two will remain of prisoners' choice, you have to pick who you have to supplant with whom, you have to analyze and pick. Sabyasachi approaches neighbors for what legitimate reason they didnt take Zubair's name? Luv says I feel like they are hurling Arshi in there with no reason. Mehjabi says who can have Arshi's spot? Luv says Zubair, he have been wild. Mehjabi says I dont like Arshi, Zubair is better. Luv says I like him too anyway he said exorbitantly. Sabya says we can express that we cant to break Shilpa and Arshi's bond that is the reason we are not setting her in there.

Bigg manager says to detainees that now neighbors will illuminate their decision concerning restorative office. Luv calls prisoners and says Arshi won't go in jail as we require Shilpa and Arshi to have break from each other and play without any other person. Luv says Zubair will go set up of Arshi as we have seen him doing combating unnecessarily and using curses. Bigg boss says not Shilpa, Aakash and Zubair will go in jail. 

In see, Shewta says that detainees think they are picking everything with the exception of neighbors gain incredible bend. Prithim says Sabyasachi so shrewdly changed redirection, he is greatly effective with respect to this delight. Malishka says Zubair request to go for this time. 

In house, Hina says to Benafsha that Arshi criticized me such an extraordinary sum in morning, they could have saved Aakash however these neighbors saved Arshi? I am dazed, Shilpa and Arshi's bond wont mollify up a night. 

Shilpa says when I leave detain then this will be issue for that house. Zubair says I took stand and said curses for what wasn't right. Zubair, Shilpa and Aakash goes in jail. Shilpa says for what reason did they send Aakash here? 

Vikas says to Arshi that you wont have the ability to control Shilpa. She laughs and says no I wont have the ability to, she has moved toward me to not state for you. Vikas says why she is doing it with me? Arshi says she needs to exhibit your reality. Vikas says she has met me once in life, she doesnt know me. In jail, Zubair says to camera that youngsters see your daddy go to detain for truth and value basically like, everything considered. 

In see, Shweta says what do think concerning end this week? who is getting out? Malishka says Jyoti and Bandagi couldnt exhibit much layers in redirection. Prithim says a couple of individuals put aside chance to open up, in my season the individual who was most quiet was hurled out in first week yet she cameback and survived much longer(Sonali). Prithim says Bandagi isn't shown so she may take off. Shweta says gathering of spectators will pick who should take off. 


In house, ready rings. Hiten says Hina is resting. Vikas says she doesnt screen time here. Hina stirs and is irritated. Priyank comes and says all are in different diversion as of now. Hina says I can't live here for 100days, Priyank asks would she say she is fine? Hina says I dont wanna yell. Hina says why cant we rest now? 

In jail, Aakash says we dont mind. Shilpa says I am kid. Aakash says to Shilpa and Zubair that I dont mind if I am in jail, I am with wear and lady wear. 

Hina cries and says we can play strong entertainment yet such horrible judgments? neighbors are enabling her, I am most hurt that my mom and dad are seeing this. this is the reason I didnt need to do this show. vikas says dont cry. All come there. Hina says to perdition with neighbors, I dont mind in case they hurl me out, Zubair request to go yet Aakash is yellow. Hina says to Puneesh that I know you concur with their position also yet I didnt take your name since you took stand that day. Puneesh says we couldnt save anyone when they were voted out. Hina says Arshi's name was taken too. Hina asks for that Arshi get lost, loser, you are crap. Arhi says to hellfire with you also, you are poo, *****. Hina says banter with dividers, exhibit your chest to camera. Arshi says your standard will be showed up, she takes off. Hina says they played caution since they required film. 

Arshi comes to Hiten and says Hina impacted Zubair to chide me, you are seeing everything, you know she grasped Zubair and said that awesome, scold her more. Hiten says I dont need to see this. Arshi says she have impacted Zubair to scold me out really. 

Hina says to detainees that she assumes I am crap? Vikas says this a great deal of criticism. Puneesh you give them quality Puneesh says if I expected to censure then I would have, I dont empower her. Hina says when she was criticizing me, you were with her. Puneesh says I commended you, Puneesh says she had said curses five times. Bandagi asks for that Hina fight her once what not. Hina says I dont require anyone to take stay for me, I am adequate for myself. 

Hiten says to Arshi that you are berating too so whose fault is that? I was miffed with Shilpa in light of the way that she started mother censuring, I have no issue however concerning that berate then I can't avoid it. 


Puneesh and Bandagi talks. Puneesh says sentimental story will be influenced, it to will be great. Bandagi says once this sentimental story is settled then all will be covetous, I dont need to do anything, basically sit in garden and work will be done. 

Shilpa says to Aakash that Vikas is outside, you lift me and I will move out of jail, I will go and pull away his sheet, it will be agreeable. Aakash asks with reference to whether she will have the ability to do it? she says yes. Aakash winds around and says bounce on my back, she says no it wont work. Shilpa requests him to drive her out from detain. Aakash drives her up. Shilpa break detain bars and leaves detain. Bandagi and Puneesh are in parlor and sees it. Bandagi is dazed seeing Shilpa getting away restorative office around night time. Puneesh says she is out of jail. Bandagi says I am unnerved. Shilpa comes to room quietly. All are napping. Shilpa goes to Vikas' bed, she takes shoe and puts it near Vikas' face and takes off. 

Shilpa comes to detain and says I knew it, Vikas stole my shoe so now I have put it near his head. She with inconvenience goes in jail. Sapna comes there and laughs. Shilpa says I can do considerably more, I would have slapped him and he wouldnt know, I am a witch. Zubair says she is bona fide criminal identity.

Bigg Boss Season 11 Reviews

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Bigg Boss Season 11 Reviews

Sketchy reality course of action, Bigg Boss, is back with its eleventh discharge. The presentation scene of Bigg Boss 11, which coursed on October 1, gave us a sneak investigate all the ferocity that we will witness in the coming weeks. This time around, while the enormous names are refined and made light of on the show (despite Shilpa Shinde), regular natives look pretentious. 

Bigg Boss 11 sees the landing of Bollywood virtuoso Salman Khan as a host. He is his standard self - boggling, cunning and locks in. Toward the start of the show itself, Salman impacted everyone to giggle by drawing an examination among marriage and Bigg Boss. He didn't falter to state his neighbors on Television - Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar. Furthermore, the way that he has beaten them all with the accomplishment of his real plan. Considering the 'Dabangg' Khan is all authentic in his air, he even disregarded his pay bits of chatter on the show. His family relationship with the challenges, and how he is all enthusiastic about moving and singing before a group of people set him apart from some other host on Indian Television. 

The ordinary individuals this season join Akash Anil Dadlani, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Lucinda Nicholas, Sabyasachi Satpathy, Luv Tyagi, Sapna Chaudhary, Shivani Durga, Jyoti Kumari, Puneesh Sharma, Zubair Khan, Bandgi Kalra and Arshi Khan. Each one of them looked much exorbitantly grandiose as they discussed what they intended to do in the Bigg Boss house. Akash rose for connecting with the group, Lucinda for her magnificence and Shivani for being a tantric baba on the show (review Om Swami of Bigg Boss 10?). Zubair, too, drew thought for his 'bootleg market affiliation'. With a perfect being woman and an International contender again, the show is all in all playing safe with a hit formula set up.